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We all remember our first job. Especially the first paying gig after college.


I have to admit, I never interned during my seven-and-a-half stint as an undergrad (a whole different story I will dish on later). Only a two-year practicum helped sharpen the journalistic instincts.


The lack of an internship cost me as I was unable to find a position as a reporter after I left the University of Central Missouri.


Instead, I sold shoes for months at Harold Pener's Man of Fashion at the Landing Mall in Kansas City. It wasn't the most glamorous position but it led to an opportunity to move to the Bay Area of California as a 25 year-old fish out of water.


After six months at Harold Pener's Landing location, I was promoted to assistant manager of an expansion site in Richmond, California.


I worked at the Hilltop Mall for several months in late 2000. Today, marks the first day in nearly 18 years I have stepped foot in The Town.


Stay tuned.

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