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Toriano Porter



Mobile: 314-565-8901



I am available for classroom presentations, library visits, book talks, keynote speeches, college tours, and panel discussions. I strive to motivate young readers and writers, inspire more students to embrace and enjoy the writing process, and to share my story of becoming an author and journalist.



Most of my presentations are simply an introduction to who I am and what I do as a writer. I share my journey to becoming a published author and journalist to include challenges I had to overcome and accomplishments along the way. Presentations are designed to include a message tailored to meet the needs of the audience and/or the theme of the event. I speak at a variety of events to include: college visits, back-to-school rallies, career fairs, and other social engagements.



I provide presentations to elementary, secondary and post secondary students. In addition to presenting about my books, I can also discuss topics relevant to adolescents, teens and young adults.



My 45 minute - 1 hour long presentation consist of a brief introduction about me to include: my background; where I come from, how I became interested in reading and writing, my current job/career, etc.) and a PPT presentation that follows my path as a kid to becoming a published author. That is followed by a reading from one of my two books "The Pride of Park Avenue" (most appropriate for secondary and post-secondary) or "James Cool" (most appropriate for grades 3-8). The reading is tailored to meet the needs/ interest of the hosting school and/or teacher or determined by age group/class level. The presentation is followed by a brief Q&A / Discussion about the shared passages of the book. Students can ask about my writing process, purpose and motivation for writing, editing process, characters, career goals etc. I really enjoy connecting with the students and hearing their thoughts about the presentation. I recommend scheduling presentations 2-3 weeks in advance to allow students an opportunity to read the book and to formulate questions.


After each presentation, I like to wrap up with a book signing for students who have ordered books. Sometimes I will give away free books and/or bookmarks. To get the best educational value out of my visit, I recommend that students have an opportunity to read my book prior to my visit. PURCHASE BOOKS:



A book study would consist of two (1 hour) sessions devoted to deconstructing and analyzing key concepts of the text. Students will participate in assigned reading activities, short, reflective writing, and whole group discussions. Please consider ordering a classroom set of books as the book study is most effective if every student has a book in their hands.



Email with event details and date. Invoice will be sent once visit has been scheduled and payment is due on the day of the visit. *Visits can be customized. *Price reduction with the purchase of 10 or more books.

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